Why Everyone Should Love Goat Cheese

Goat cheese does not receive the praise it should. While the global consumption of cheese increased, it is mostly for dairy products from cow’s milk. Sadly, goat cheese is not that popular despite offering many more health benefits and being easier to make.

Most goat cheese is made using milk, starter culture, rennet, and salt. The entire process takes only a couple of hours. Matured cheese does require it to be stored and left to ripen or age for days, weeks, or months but fresh cheese is anything but time-consuming to make. Goat cheese then becomes more mellow as it ages and develops a lemony flavor.

The benefits of eating goat cheese are only relevant when comparing with cheese made from cow’s milk. First of all, goat milk contains much less fat. It also has fewer calories as it is lower in sugars that are typical for milk. At the same time, it has lower cholesterol levels and is richer in calcium. It is important to note that goat milk is much easier on the stomach. People that have issues with lactose will notice that goat milk and cheese do not cause a similar reaction.

Looking beyond the benefits of eating goat cheese, it is also very tasty. If the taste of fresh goat cheese might not be for everyone, there are simple recipes that can be followed to add great flavors to it. A popular way of eating goat cheese is to add herbs to it. With fresh cheese dill or thyme can be added. All it takes is to mix the chopped herbs with the cheese and let it mature for a few days. The herbs will add flavor to the cheese. The process is also very simple as goat cheese is very crumbly since it is low in fat.

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