What Is A Naked Cake And How Do You Make It?

If you were wondering what the recipe for a naked cake is, you will be surprised to find out that there isn`t one. It is not a recipe in itself but a technique for making cakes. To put it simply, any cake recipe can be adapted to be a naked cake. What is a naked cake? A naked cake is any cake that has no frosting on it. It may appear to some as a lazy way to make a cake but that is completely false. Adding the frosting is just a very negligible part of making a cake, takes very little time and it is impossible to get wrong. Not adding the frosting simply makes a cake more interesting. It allows you to see the layers making the cake and it will taste less sweet since the frosting is mostly sugar. How to make a naked cake It all starts with the batter. It does not have to be complicated. You can follow a simple recipe that requires just flour, baking powder, salt, unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, and eggs. It may seem like a lot of ingredients but this is the standard list of things you need to make the batter. The important part of making the cake is baking it to perfection. It will take some time and failed attempts until you get to know your oven well and how long you should bake your cake. Just a tad of frosting… Even if a naked cake is not supposed to have any frosting, you can add a very thin layer. The idea is that you should be able to see the layers of the cake. You can use any kind of frosting you like. You can even use some of the buttercream made for the layers. What you want is to apply a very thin coating and it should not be perfect. A naked cake is supposed to look unfinished.

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