Three Reasons Your Kitchen Needs A Range Hood

Newer homes have range hoods installed as part of home decor, but older homes don’t include range hoods in kitchens. There are under cabinet range hoods, over-the-range microwaves, wall-mounted range hoods, and range hoods above kitchen islands in different styles, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, there are duct and ductless versions, so a vent isn’t completely necessary. There are a few reasons a range hood is beneficial for kitchens. Heat Removal Cooking on the stovetop or range produces a lot of heat in the kitchen. The range hood takes the heat out of the kitchen so you don’t have to open a door or window. In return, it keeps the stovetop/range’s temperature down during cooking so you don’t sweat or develop heat exhaustion. It also keeps the kitchen area cool, which is very beneficial during the warmer months. Eliminates Odors While tasty, some foods such as fish and cheese carry a memorable scent. Loud scents linger in the kitchen longer than intended. A range hood removes unwanted odors in the kitchen so you don’t have to smell the scent at night. It also removes the stuffy feeling accompanying odors. Removes Harmful Pollutants Smoke, grease fumes, steam clouds, and pollutants threaten our health. It irritates the eyes, causes breathing difficulty, breeds bacteria, and creates mold just by polluting the air; it causes lung damage and carbon monoxide poisoning in the long term. Hot grease can cause fires if it’s not contained. Luckily, the range hood prevents this by sucking up the harmful pollutants and cleansing the air. It aids in preventing fires and burns by lowering the cooking area’s temperature. Every item in the kitchen should be functional first and beautiful second. A range hood is a visually pleasing home decor item in the kitchen that serves a purpose. It earns its place in the kitchen because of the reasons listed.

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