Patio Privacy Fence Ideas That You Will Love

If you own a patio, you are well aware of how important privacy is. You want to enjoy some personal time without having to worry about neighbors but without a privacy fence, that may not be possible. There are multiple solutions and plenty of patio privacy fence ideas but you need to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. A common idea is to have a living fence. While it will provide privacy, it requires a lot of maintenance. It also attracts insects which can be very annoying. The alternative is to build an artificial living fence as it eliminates all these problems while still looking great. Other patio privacy fence ideas rely more on wood. A wooden lattice fence can be a great choice. It allows for some light to get through while still providing a bit of privacy. Also, it can be decorated with plants. What is important is to not surround the patio with lattice. Only one or two sides of the patio should have a wall. Another popular idea is to use shutters. They can be placed on only one side of the patio that is facing a neighbor and requires minimal work to have them installed. Like lattice, they can be decorated and painted to make them better fit your yard. Some DIY projects even advocate in favor of using shutters from old furniture that can be salvaged. Lastly, if you are still looking for alternate patio privacy fence ideas, you can try reed or bamboo. Reed is commonly used to make fences. Hardware stores usually offer them in the form of rolls that are ready to be placed like a fence. The same goes for bamboo. They can be found in the form of sheets that can be used to create privacy screens. Both reed and bamboo can last for years and do a very good job at providing privacy.

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