Living Wall

There is this wall trend that can be seen in hotels and in malls these days. It can even be found in coffee shops as well as other establishments. In some establishments or buildings, it can be found indoors while in others, it can be found outdoors. It can be a really huge wall or a small portion of a wall. This trend is the trend of living walls. Living walls are walls with spaces where you could add plants. The plants that you put in your living wall may vary. It could be vines, flowering plants, succulents, and other kinds of plants. You may even have a living wall filled with various herbs for your kitchen. You can have a living wall in your house or in your place of business so that you will have a little of the environment with you. These days, in urban places, the land is not always available. If you are someone who loves plants, you may have considered getting pots for plants at home. However, you may not have enough space at home for your pots and your other planting materials. This way, a living wall may be much more efficient. It will save you some space. A living wall is also best situated in a place where light reaches it. A living wall is also great if added in a place of business such as in a restaurant or cafe, in a bookstore, or in your office. This way you have oxygen in the space as plants filter out the air. A living wall also gives a fresh vibe and a feel that you care about the environment. They are also great to be put in resort walls to have that feel of nature among all the artificial. Living walls are also pieces of art to make a space look really beautiful. So if you love plants and you want that vibe especially in your place of business, get a living wall made.

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