Italian Sausage Pasta: Incredibly Tasty And Easy To Cook

Italian sausage pasta is an amazing dish that is very easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients. The origins of the recipe are not very clear but it has spread and became extremely popular especially in the US and UK. Because it is so easy to prepare, many see it as a student dish but if you are serving it at home for dinner with friends, nobody will say no to it because it is very delicious. To make Italian sausage pasta yourself, you will need the following: – Pasta of your choice: penne or linguine preferably – Olive oil – Red onion – Garlic – Canned diced tomatoes – White wine – Hot Italian sausage – Black pepper To prepare the dish, you will need a pot to boil the pasta and a frying pan to assemble everything. The first step is to cook the sausage. You will need to remove the sausage from its skin and cook it as if it is minced mead. Place the sausage meat into the pan. Add the diced onion as well. As the meat and onion cook, it will melt the fat in it and will provide a good base to continue cooking without anything sticking to the pan. Once the sausage gets brown, add the tomatoes, garlic clove and let it cook for a good 5 to 10 minutes. As the tomato sauce boils down into the pan, you will need to add the white wine. Let it cook for another 5 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. As the sauce and sausage cook in the pan, you will need to add the pasta. Make sure you cooked the pasta first before tossing it in. Allow for 2 more minutes for everything to cook properly while continuously stirring gently. Your Italian sausage pasta is almost done. The final touch is adding a pinch of pepper. You will not need to add any salt as the sausage itself is already salty. Once you add the black pepper, mix everything one last time then take your Italian sausage pasta off the heat and serve it while still hot.

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