How To Organize Your Craft Closet

Everyone loves DIY projects. What nobody likes is properly organizing and managing their supply. A craft closet is mandatory if you cannot afford to dedicate an entire room for your projects. What matters is knowing how to properly utilize your storage space and how to organize everything. A properly managed craft closet makes it easy to find anything in it and it should be just as easy to put everything back where it belongs. The first thing you should think about is how many shelves you need. They do not need to all be the same height as it will lead to inefficient use of storage space. You may also want to also separate some of the shelves and add some drawers. If your craft closed is done and ready for you, you will still need to have an efficient way of organizing everything. A good way to do it is to use clear storage boxes. They will allow you to see what you store inside and they are much more durable than plastic or wooden ones. Plastic boxes do not get damaged by water and can be found in a wide range of sizes. The way you will use your storage boxes in your craft closet matters. You should avoid mixing things together. You should have dedicated boxes for each type of crafting supply. There should be a box for paints, one for crayons, one for paper and so on. When you are looking for something, there should be a storage box and no other one holding that particular item. Once you are done using a certain crafting supply, there will be only one box where you can place it back. This should make it much easier to manage everything and much easier to find stuff in your craft closet. You can go one step further and label each box so that you know where everything goes.

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