Custom Banners From Vistaprint That Will Get You Noticed

Custom Banners From VistaPrint That Will Get You Noticed

Having a personalized banner often boosts visibility even in busy places. VistaPrint, a company that provides customizable marketing products, can help you on putting up designs for your business and make it stand out with their expertly designed banners.


If you are planning to advertise outdoors, the double-sided banners are made from vinyl which is fade and weather resistant. You may choose whether to have the same design on both sides or with different photos.

2.Vinyl Banner

These banners are also made from durable and lightweight vinyl. Photos are printed in full color which makes them fade-resistant. It is one of the most affordable but suitable for the long-term use of custom banners.


These are pre-assembled and easy-to-set-up banners perfect for trade shows, conferences, and events. It comes with a banner stand and case where you can keep the banner and keep it for your next use. You can choose from two sizes and different styles.


If you need something to use for your indoor advertisement, fabric banners are the best choice. It is made with durable polyester and other materials that can cut down the light reflection to make it more visible. A fabric banner is made crease-free and scratch resistant and is built-in with grommets. You can choose from 15 sizes whichever suits your needs.


If you need an outdoor banner that can withstand winds, the mesh banner is a great choice. It is made with UV and water resistant material which lets the wind pass through the banner.

6.Metal A-Frames

Whether it is placed on sidewalks or in front of your store, the A-frame is sure to get customers and passersby's attention. It comes in two collapsible sizes which can fit two inserts in case you need to change your current advertisement. A-frames are perfect for galleries, events, and restaurants.


It is made with a 25"x45"x3" frame which is available in black or white option. The frames are made of rust and chip-proof plastics that can be filled with water or sand in case you need it during windy days. It has two plastic inserts perfect for sidewalks and real estate advertising.


You can have these flags customized in print, size, and shape. Each set comes with a stake base, case, and pole. Flags are one of the most effective marketing materials since they are highly visible. Your business name and logo can be easily noticed by pedestrians and road vehicles.

9Car Magnets

Wherever you bring your car with you, you can still introduce your business name and logo to everyone. These car magnets are durable and printed with vivid colors that surely catch the eye. It can be stuck to metal surfaces which can be easily removed if you're done using it.

All banners and marketing materials from VistaPrint are highly customizable. You just need to choose among the design templates and add your chosen details.

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