Closet Makeover: Ideas That Make Life Easier

One of the keys to being an organized individual is to be ordained with all the objects we own. To achieve this goal it is essential to maintain the cleanliness and order of our closet. This is the best way to make our life easier.

Below are the best ideas for a CLOSET MAKEOVER.

To face a CLOSET MAKEOVER it is essential to do a deep cleaning of this furniture so important for the organization of our life. Empty your closet completely. Clean this furniture with the right products. Once you’re done, open the windows to your room and let the air and sunlight in. Then you’re going to analyze what you’re going to do with the clothes in your closet.

-Now that your closet is perfectly clean you can analyze if it needs any fixing. If so, fix what you can and leave it pretty. You can change its appearance by painting it another color.

-Now you must separate the clothes you wear and the ones you don’t wear. If there are clothes you don’t wear and are in good condition, you can donate them to charitable institutions. If you have clothes in bad conditions you don’t wear, you should throw them away right now.

-Your wardrobe should only have clothes that you wear and that belong to the current season of the year. Clothes that are from another season must be stored in boxes and placed on top of your wardrobe. The important thing is that you make room for the garments you actually wear.

-Sort your garments according to color, which makes it easy for you to quickly find the garment you need.

-Finally, style your closet. You can add a personal touch like flowers, photos or a nice mirror.


A CLOSET MAKEOVER means much more than a superficial fix. A well-organized closet streamlines your daily activities.

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