Best Lampshades To Enhance The Overall Look Of Your Bedroom

Apart from the wall colors, curtains and furniture, the next big thing that can bring a lot of difference to a room is the lighting. If the light of the house is to the point, the overall glamour of the room will automatically increase. Speaking about light, one of the most crucial lighting décors is LAMPSHADES. Following is the list of top lampshades that can change your interior designing game.

1. Shibori lines drum-shaped lampshades

The Minted’s drum-shaped lampshade is a handcrafted printed lampshade made by independent artists who put their entire heart and soul into creating the product. Made with natural fibres, this lampshade comes with a spider/UNO ring as per the customer's choice. You can get it in different dimensions and colors like indigo, cool and warm as per your preference.

2. Chandelier chasing light lamp

If you are a fab of modern abstract art and looking for some edgy yet colorful lampshade to match your modern setup room, this one is the best pick for you. Made of natural fibre and designed by an independent artist, this particular lampshade is available in Marine blueprint.

3. boho waves drum lampshade

Drum lampshades are designed to complement table or floor lamps. Each drum lampshade comes fitted with your choice of a spider or UNO ring. Fabric chandeliers are larger in size, lightweight, and intended to fit with most hanging pendant lights.

4. Minimalist lampshade (drum-shaped)

The minimalist custom-made drum-shaped lamp is for people who like it to be simple and sober. You have a variety of fabric color to choose from including dove, sailor grey, terracotta and stone. Available in 4 different dimensions this can be a perfect soothing lampshade for your bedroom.

5. Sketched willow lampshade

Available in colors like sage, powder, cream, forest and cornflower, this is another sober pick from the list. It comes with a fitter inside (Uno/ring or spider) as per the customer's preference. Made by independent artists, this lampshade can change the overall look of your room.

6. Baa Baa cheeps cream lampshade

As unique as the name sound, this particular lampshade has beautiful block print style sheep-shaped prints in it. Available in different colors, this product can go well in a urban-style room.

7. Dark Vine

This classic striped lampshade goes well in almost every room setting. Available in 4 different dimensions and multiple color options, this can be a praiseworthy all-time favorite pick.

8. Mod wedge

Made with premium cotton and lightweight pure fabric, this mod wedge print can go well in an urban setup room. Available in 4 different dimensions and three shades, this mod Wedge lampshade can enhance your entire room.

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