Benefits Of Installing Mega Hook Rail

A hook rail is essentially a long narrow board with hooks on it that is attached to the wall. A hook rail is used just in the same way as regular hooks. Sometimes it is small and is used for smaller items such as keys, sometimes it is quite large, like a mega hook rail for coats. It can be very useful because it helps save space and makes the place more aesthetic because regular hooks are often laid out in a slightly haphazard manner.

A good place to install a hook rail is, for example, the mudroom. As soon as one enters the house, it is very convenient to have a long tidy hook rail to hang the clothes on.

Regular hooks are often positioned unevenly, not in a straight line. This is a massive disadvantage because as soon as one casts a look on them, this fact immediately manifests itself. If you install a mega hook rail instead, things become much better looking.

Another benefit is strength. It is very common to attach hooks to studs to increase strength and stability. But studs are not everywhere and only cover a small portion of the wall. A mega hook rail solves this problem, so it doesn’t matter anymore where the studs are situated. As soon as the hook rail has been installed, hooks can be evenly placed along its whole length. The mega hook rail is also capable of holding a huge enough load, much more than a regular, solitary hook, or several regular hooks combined.

So a mega hook rail can solve two problems at the same time. It makes your wall look much more aesthetically pleasing by reducing visual clutter and it provides more hanging space. You can be in control of where to place your hooks.

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