9 Rugs That Will Have You Stop And Stare When You Come Into The Room

Rugs are a home’s more understated pieces of furniture. Because you are likely going to be walking on it a fair bit, people rarely think of just how important it is to a home’s look. Here, we have found 9 Rugs that Will Have you Stop and Stare when You Come Into the Room.

1. Moroccan Diamond Plush Rug

The Moroccan Diamond Plush Rug is very much the sophisticated man's (or woman's) rug of choice. It is soft, beautiful, and refined. If you have a home with a lot of light or open windows, this is the perfect rug for you.

2. Impasto Slate Blue Rug

For those that love abstract art, the Impasto Slate Bue Rug is the look for you. This rug design has a thick, canvas-like texture to it that gives it that 17th-century impasto painting technique.

3. Damali Black & White Rug

Incredibly simplistic yet strangely intricate, the fascinating designs on this rug are timelessly elegant and acts as the perfect distinguishing point for any room.

4. Hudson Stripe Black Rug

A classic motif if there ever was one, the Hudson Stripe Black Rug takes some of the familiar looks and adds some unexpected twists and turns. If you're someone that wants a rug that pops, look no further.

5. Kamran Ivory Opal Rug

Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, the Kamran Ivory Opal Rug's Persian look, and design will have everyone you know commenting on it when they visit.

6. Cambria Abalone Rug

Between its intricate patterns and beautiful design and hues, this rug is something truly special.

7. Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug

For those that want to truly feel like 'the elite' in all of the best ways, the Hendesi Heriz rug is the rug for you. Tinted with neutral colors, this is a rug that is made for living rooms and family dens.

8. Verena Dark Wood Rug

The Verena Dark Wood Rug is excellent for those that love the more rustic aesthetic. Its Persian theme is truly remarkable on Dark wood floors (hence the name). Truly a beautiful rug that accentuates any room it is in.

9. Kamran Coral Rug

A great look that blends with both the sophisticated and the classic. This beautiful Persian-inspired rug design goes great on hardwood floors and virtually every room of the house.

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