9 Amazing Save The Date Cards That People Will Never Forget

When it comes to cards, there are two people out there. Some do simple, but sweet cards, and those that make cards that leave an impression. While we all like to think that a simple elegant card is nice, the fact is that it’s also very forgettable. It doesn’t make an impact on the person and convince them that this is something to remember.

1. Shine On

Made with real gold foil, nothing tells people that this is a day to remember than a card that literally shines whenever someone looks at it. Get a picture of you and your significant other with a sunny backdrop and people will have no choice but to show up with bells and whistles on.

2. Bold Move

Very much holding to its name, the Bold Move is a very bold card. Offered in 8 different foil colors and 5 separate color themes, while it does not have a picture on the front, don't for a second believe that it doesn't hit a person hard. If you want a more subtle look while still making everyone know, this is the card for you.

3. Path Steps

Three photos. That's all it takes to tell everyone you and your loved one's story. Put these 3 steps for you two and your path to your very special day. Not only are people going to remember this card, every time they look at the two of you they are going to KNOW they are looking at a real couple.

4. Flirt

The Flirt makes its point very clear from the moment you lay your eyes on it. This gold foil card lets everyone see that the two of you are happily in love and are more than ready to do that world-famous walk.

5. Classic Elegance

The reason this card is on here is not just because of the photo you can put at its center. Rather, it's the massive number of customizations you can do with it. If you want a card that truly expresses you while still making itself known, this is what you are going to want.

6. Flash Dance

Pretty much the perfect card for those that love a romance film and others that want to believe that true love is real. While it seems slightly simplistic on its face, it's only after taking a second look that you find a tear running down your face. This card says, "Yes, Dad...she's the one... and she's always been the one."

7. Topside

Another amazing card that truly emphasizes you and your partner's love for one another. Made with real gold foil, you know no one is going to be able to ignore this look between the two of you.

8. Simple Celebrate

The Simple Celebrate card is anything but simple. Staring at that picture of you and your fiance hits at something real that you just can't explain. You "simply" are not going to be able to pretend you didn't know this date was the date of something truly special.

9. Penned

Penned is probably the silliest and most modern Save the Date card out there. It looks like something straight out of a movie and you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was. If you plan to get this, don't be surprised when people start treating you like you and you're betrothed are being featured in a romance film.

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