8 Stylish Chenille Rug Ideas To Brighten Your Bedroom

Chenille rugs are soft and furry textured fabrics. It comes in different styles, colors, and sizes. Chenille rugs are an ideal decor to emphasize your sense of flair. For bedroom use it gives a comforting feel, just let your bare feet touch it.

Want to check out what could be suitable for your Bedroom? Let’s go through some 8 options from ruggable.com

1.Watercolor Floral Navy Rug

Art lovers definitely must place an art accent in their rooms. Why not add a centerpiece on the floor? A vibrant watercolor floral navy rug will turn the space into a masterpiece.

2.Go Minimalistic Stylish

Minimalistic does not need to be plain and boring. Add a subtle twist with a Prisma natural pattern. Accents like grey and sand on the rug can add more effect.

3. Create A Marble Floor Illusion

Inspired by classic Greek architecture? Turn the bedroom floor into marble golden ivory. The majestic look will make you feel like a deity.

4. Ode To Star Wars

We know you have seen the epic movie Star Wars more than once. Avid fans can place a dash of rouge squadron gray in the room to commemorate the film.

5. Disney

Everybody loves Disney be it, kids or adults. A whimsical Mickey Trellis rug will incorporate fun into the room. Be it black, slate or gray the magic will be there.

6. Zebra

 Nature lovers would want something exotic but neutral. Why not decorate the bedroom with the popular zebra pattern? The shades of black and white can easily match different themes too.

7. Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal lines can make the room bigger than it is. Pump up the illusion by adding hues of turquoise, blue and red to liven up space more.

8. Boho

Daring to be experimental with your bedroom design? A patchwork boho rug is an unconventional but attractive option. The mixed floral motif features shades of rose, taupe, ivory, green, orange, and sky blue.

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