8 Custom Signages You Need

A custom logo is the way to go to get your business and brand out there.

But you need a custom signage to make that custom logo pop up and be seen wherever you place it.

In this post, we list down 8 custom signages that will highlight your brand and increase your market!

1. Yard Sign

A yard sign is a great way to plot your business indoors and outdoors. You can have this staked on soil or standing inside an office. They are also made out of durable plastic that is lightweight and easy to move around when needed.


Foot traffic is one of the most important things a business must capture. A Signicade will stand on its own on whatever flat surface. Have it stand outside your establishment or in high foot-traffic areas.

3.Retractable Banner

Retractable banners are a staple for companies joining business fairs. It's easy to set up and pack up. No need to worry about where to put it after the fair; you can just store it rolled up.

4.Car Window Decal

Utilize the roads as a means to market your company. Car window decals will utilize your car, your employee's car and other vehicles on the road! They are also easy to remove and replace.

5.Acrylic Sign

Acrylic signages are a tremendous long-term means to put out your brand and be used as markers inside your office. They last long as compared to other signages and are easy to maintain.

6.Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are great for events and other showcases. They are easy to store and produce if it gets damaged. Vinyl Banners can be hung on walls or used in retractable signages. You can also have them printed in different sizes to fit your needs.


Flags are eye-catching signages that will surely stand out and showcase your brand. They are a great way to advertise indoors and even outdoors! Have your logo and messages printed on them and layout them out in one line or around the area!

8.Foam Board

If you want complete customizability, then a foam board is your go-to choice! A foam board is essentially a black canvas wherein you can have anything and everything printed. They are also fast to produce, so there is no need to worry if you need a display in a pinch.

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