6 Best Photo Gifts From VistaPrint

META DESCRIPTION: Do you want to surprise a loved one with a gift? Are you interested in getting a photo present? Start with these six great offerings from VistaPrint.

6 Best Photo Gifts From VistaPrint

Gadgets, fancy clothes, or other expensive products aren’t the only things that can make a loved one happy. Simple yet meaningful items, like a photo gift, can also make someone special smile. If you agree and are looking for presents but don’t know where to start, these six selections from VistaPrint are excellent choices:

6 Best Photo Gifts To Get From VistaPrint

1. Custom Mugs

A custom mug is a great photo gift for a loved one, friend, or even a colleague. It's simple yet functional at the same time and comes in different interior and handle colors. You're also free to select any photo, message, or other design that will appear on the mug's body.

2. Custom Photo Books

If you want to showcase memories, there's nothing better than a custom photo book like this one from VistaPrint. It has seven (7) sizes and layout options (portrait, square, and landscape) and can accommodate up to 120 pages. Also, it uses a hardbound cover, and you can easily decide on photo placements by accessing the online/offline editor or with the Smart Assistant's help.

3. Custom Wall Calendars

A custom wall calendar is also a great photo gift for a family member or someone special. In particular, this product from VistaPrint allows you to set a unique photo on every month's cover. It's also possible to choose whether to add a background or fill a page with an image.

4. Wood Prints

If you're interested in a photo frame but want something more unique, this Custom Wood Print is perfect. You can upload any photo and expect it to appear gorgeous in a rustic-looking wooden piece. It's available in two (2) orientations and six (6) sizes, so there's something for everybody.

5. Acrylic Photo Blocks

If you want a more sophisticated photo frame than a wooden print, then you'll love an Acrylic Photo Block. As the name suggests, a photo will be inside a square or rectangular acrylic that's thick enough to last and create a unique viewing experience. The block is also scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and doesn't affect the true colors of an image.

6. Desk Calendars

A desk calendar is a great photo gift as it will always be near to a special someone during work or studying hours. Aside from being functional, the memorable picture(s) on every month's page will inspire the recipient to work hard. Regardless, this product from VistaPrint is available in 8" x 8" size and offers a built-in stand and spiral binding mechanism for convenience. You can choose to print on one side or front and back and expect all photos to appear vibrant.

Order Great Photo Gifts Today

It’s indeed ideal to surprise loved ones with photo presents, like the six selections above. If you agree and are now interested, we have included links to all listed items so you can check them quickly. Order great photo gifts from VistaPrint today!

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