12 Wedding Signs & Seating Charts Decor

Weddings signs and cheating charts may seem like they’re not important but they’re all over the place and almost all wedding photos will have these items in the background – so make sure they’re pretty! Here are 12 wedding signs & cheating charts that are great options for your reception.

1.Adventure Awaits Long Signs

Couples who love climbing, hiking, or activities that involved nature, in general, will want to have the Adventure Awaits suite. It has a beautiful watercolor gradient painting of trees and the landscape behind it which we think is something you don't often see at weddings these days.

2.Waltz Seating Chart

When in doubt, go for a bold and dark background with an elegant script plus serif fonts. It's fresh, sophisticated, and available in 8 colors that all carry the rustic barn theme. You can get this in either an angular edge or a rounded one.

3.Bridal Suite Tropical Door Sign

If you're into the tropical theme and it's hard to cop the tropical feel on your bedroom shoots, then you should try accents with a little bit of tropical theme in them.

4.Aligned Place Card

Place cards like this are either available flat or folded. What we love about this card is that it's simple yet elegant. You simply pick a color theme and then choose the foil color accent. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with white and gold.

5.Amara Table Numbers

The Amara Table Numbers is recommended for couples who want a minimal and vintage look. Think wedding in the 1950s if weddings had table numbers back then.

6.The Love Birds Place Card

We cannot publish this list without this masterpiece. The Love Birds place card is a must-have for nature-loving couples.

7.Villa Large Wedding Sign

Available in long, simple, and photo layouts, the Villa Wedding Sign gives off another elegant feel with its huge calligraphy font that is modern with a playful layout. We love how this emphasizes the name of the couple.

8.Kenai Small Sign

Think bold patterns with modern typography. If you wanna label your tables with signages and make them feel more contemporary then you've found what you're looking for. We think this would match an indoor reception without so many natural elements.

9.Garden Lights Signage

So there's an outdoor fire pit, it just got dark, caterers are ready to wait and the garden has big lights hanging above everyone's head - yes if that's your reception set up and this should definitely be your choice for signages.

10.Watercolor Wisp Seating Charts

A brushed watercolor frame is the best way to go colorful without your seating chart looking like it's too loud.

11.Terrazo Frame Seating Chart

You'd be surprised at how it can cop what a real terrazzo looks like. It does have the element of marbles and granite and glass and whatnot without it feeling too heavy on the eye.

12.Forest Love Menu

It's colorful yet minimal and has the colors of the forest incorporated - a lot of greens with a few yellow ochres and pink. It's a very interesting combination but it does look super unique and will catch the eye of your guests.

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