10 Amazing Pieces Of Wall Art That Will Speak To Your Home

I don’t care what anyone says, a home needs wall art. Whether it’s one in every room or just a single piece in the main living room, wall art gives the house a personality that furniture just doesn’t. It seems to make a home come alive.

1. Abandoned Architectural Beauty

A beautiful piece of limited edition art, the Abandoned Beauty photo art instantly stands out in your home. Of all the gifts you could give someone, giving them a piece like this would make you truly remembered.

2. Transition

Another incredible piece that is limited edition, you can put this piece in just about any room of your house and make it look amazing. From the bathroom to the hallway, to the kitchen or dining room, it works.

3. Seeing Double

Taken on a perfectly grey sky to really set the mood. If you are someone that lives in a cold location or has a ton of white in your home, this is the photo art for you.

4. Sketching Breeze

Perfect because of its simplicity, the sketching breeze photo art is a type of picture you can find yourself getting lost in for hours at a time. Between the cloudy fog and the single, solitary leaf, this is a piece that every guest will be talking about every time they visit.

5. Seachange

Who doesn't like a beautiful picture of the ocean? Now you can see the amazing transition from land to sea. Imagine walking on that sandy beach and knowing that, in only a few steps, you'll be officially off the land and in the deepest parts of the ocean...

6. I Don't Like My Picture Taken

The name says it all, and we've all been there. While this picture is pretty niche and will depend on if your home has a more "artsy" backdrop, if you can make it work, this is going to be the centerpiece. 100%

7. Dude, Where's My Boat

As silly as it is engrossing, this photo art does pretty much everything at once. It's an amazing photo with a funny name. It can speak on the destructive nature of capitalism or the hopes and dreams of someone wishing to reach the pinnacle of their career goals. It can say whatever you want it to. It just works.

8. Black Sand Iii

While Black Sand I and II are both great options in and of themselves, the reason I have Black Sand III on this list is because of its incredibly simplistic nature. It isn't trying to beat you over the head with black sand, nor is it hiding anything. It's a beautiful picture that just exists, free from trying to push something on you or hiding anything it could say to you.

9. New York City In Gold

The city where dreams are made of, New York will always be a shining beacon of everything that America stands for, no matter how you interpret that. Personally, seeing that rising tower gives me the feeling that anything is possible. Having this in your home is the quickest recipe for getting over any type of lethargy or laziness.

10. Nordic Frost

Probably my favorite on this entire list. Nordic Frost just does everything and nothing all at once. Is it speaking on the blistering cold of the Nordic region? Is it speaking on the simplistic nature of those people's homes? Is it a cloudy sky or a clear one? You WILL find yourself contemplating this photo for hours on end. I sure did.

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